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History of Slot Gambling Games in the World

One part of the hostory of Slot Gambling Games Slot machines were first created and introduced by someone named Charles Fey while in San Francisco, United States in 1895. Charles had made the first slot machine by utilizing 3 rolls of iron molds accompanied by several images of card symbols that

commonly played and of course, it is known by the general public. The symbols in the first slot image are Hearts, Diamonds, and Spades. Until now you must have heard of slot games because slot games are certainly familiar to us to hear.

In the 1970s, slot machine games were so popular that they became a boom at that time, making several casinos at that time decided to make slot machine games on a large scale. But with the advent of technology called the internet today, slot machine lovers prefer to play online slots because they have flexible times and places and are very easy to play without having to come to the casino.

History of Gambling Slot Games

History of Slot Gambling Games in the World
History of Slot Gambling Games in the World

The history of slots is very long so we will start with the creators of slot machines first. Charles immigrated to New Jersey at the age of 23. Charles also went to wander throughout the continental United States until finally in 1885 Charles lived in the city of San Francisco, California he worked at the Western Electric Works company. Then he also managed to build his own company under the name of Gustav Friedrich Wilhelm Schiltze and also Theodore Holtz which is engaged in electrical and telephone equipment. In the 1880s, slot machines required officers to process transactions, such as exchanging real money for tokens or tickets. The first machine that uses a payment mechanism that moves automatically is the work of Gustav Friedrich Wilhelm Schultze around 1893. Meanwhile, around 1895, Charles also made a new version of the Horseshoe which was modified in such a way, so that when players play and win, they will get coins. The machine that was released by Charles became very famous and finally, the game machine was very popular. Charles has also opened a special workshop that is used to handle slot machines around 1896 or 1897. In 1898,

Charles again designed a new slot machine, the slot machine is the berLiberty Bell Slot Machineí, this slot machine game is a machine that most popular at the time.

When playing the game and there are three bells aligned, you will immediately be paid 50 Cent. Charles has built and managed his slot machines around the salons in San Francisco. But because gambling was illegal in California, Charles also had difficulty running his business on developing the machine, which caused many other rivals to flock to build the machine.

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