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Tennis Skills

Skills and Techniques

Tennis Skills players have developed their skills and technique to a high standard and become experts in their respective areas of the game.

  • o dribbling – the ability to move with the ball at pace without losing the ball
  • o control – the ability to have the ball under complete control
  • o invention and anticipation – the ability to anticipate how a defender will move and how to easily beat him
  • o positioning – the ability to stick to a position and make sure the defense knows where you will be
  • o finishing – the ability to shoot at goal
  • punt return – the ability to return the ball quickly after being passed

Tennis Skills: Winning the Ball in the Open Game

  • o the goalscorers are likely to be in positions such as the midfield and the offensive third
  • o they are likely to have the ball for the majority of the game
  • o they are the most proficient in their area
  • o they are the most familiar with the opposition

Each position brings with it a number of responsibilities, for example, those in the midfield will be involved in bringing the ball up the field, passing, receiving, and making sure the defense is your own and that your teammates are defended.

The defensive part of their role is ongoing and they will spend a large amount of time marking and tracking the opposition. This means that they will need to be quick and nimble.

The striker is expected to be more direct with his goals and will need great balance, strength, and power. He will need to be able to run into the box and get the ball past defenders, and the team mate will need to run him up the pitch to create a chance that can be tapped in. Both of these roles require a technical ability, speed, strength, and the ability to control the ball.

Tennis Skill Drills

Tennis Skills
  1. Every player should stay in a quadrant stance ie, both feet should be in contact with the ground
  • o drill to improve balance
  • o Push the knees into the chest
  • o Keeping the knees together does not require the legs to touched the ground
  • o Keeping the buttock below the shoulder height should relieve the pressure on the hips
  • o Keep eyes on the ball during the drill
  • o Work available leg strength to increase the height and time an individual can maintain this position
  1. The quadratically patented balance move is a fundamental skill that every player should master.
  • o Keeping the feet together as the player completes a turn, step, jump, or change of direction is essential.
  • o Players should develop their balance using an internal rotation that only a short distance in front of the body is necessary
  • o Ankle flipping, stepping over, and flipping the, using the inside or outside of the foot to adjust the balance and direction change
  • o Keeping the back straight, keeping knees slightly bent, and keeping the head from tilting to the side minimizes the stress caused by the flipping action
  • o Using two different balance targets will help players develop at other side of the body
  • o Players should use the ” marvelous” and the “tiring” balance Targets, to help players see where they need to improve on
  • o Lets players know they can try to flip a literal lapel if running behind the ball
  • o We will have the players find 3 brightly coloured balls totarbaditionally during practices or games.
  • o Some players may find that the ball that they make contact with ends up in their right or left hand after running the drill
  • o From there some players may choose to toss the ball up to a point in the air with continually landing in the cradling position,
  • o Players experience greater development with this drill utilizing another coach or for a time under control
  • o The duration of this drill should be45-50 seconds lasting.
  • o The amount of time in these drills is limited due to the fact that this is a skill development drill. Sure, players mayobe play, but when games are a reality, it’s necessary to practice under control.
  • o With this in mind, every player will Progress and benefit from future drills if current skill levels are inadequate.
  • o Tennis is an individual sport, and not everyone has the same ability at developing their tennis strokes, therefore, even with drills, the progression is not the same with everyone

Improvement in tennis is a function of a player’s mental ability and their physical ability.

Practicing mind first, and having one hundred percent concentration on hitting the ball across the court is critical for your sport and your circumstance hence for any player that wishes to improve on tennis, if you wish to.

First ensure that you physically are physically capable of performing the skill & drill that you wish to practice. Next ensure that you are mentally comfortable with executing every skill that you learn. The Game of Tennis is the biggest part of tennis strategy, and the first thing that every player should count on in a match.

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